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Online training for sellers and distributors

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Personal and professional development

You will find summaries of different books that can help you for personal and professional development, quality of service, sales and marketing.

Online training for salespeople on furniture floor

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How to sell ideas?

There are employees who always have good ideas, but for some reason they don't know how to sell them. If you know any of them. Teach him how to do it.

Everyone must be well trained, be part of the entire company training plan and ensure that no idea is lost.



Get to know.

That you clearly define what you want to achieve with the sale of that idea.


I planned.

Every idea requires a plan and a strategy to be sold.




Practice presenting your idea with conviction. Don't memorize your presentation, keep focus on 1.



Be sure, only then the audience will believe what you want to sell


Shut up.

Be cautious and not repetitive. wait for the response silently. Let your audience have their say.


I asked for

Ask pointed questions to ensure they understand your ideas. Design these questions.


Every idea has great value, do not waste it or throw it away, do not make that mistake of believing that only you should think and others should do. There is nothing more hateful than a boss

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