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IBSA Vision 2022 - 2031


We obtained this information from a family business diploma with Mr. Pablo Alamo

Apretón de manos

Our Purpose

  1. Your rest and coexistence with yours is our priority, through our upholstered furniture we seek to improve the lifestyle of the people who give us the opportunity to serve them when making their purchase with our distributors.

  2. Be profitable to be able to attend investment projects, improvement in the company, for the shareholders.

  3. Ensure that Industrias Bayardo SA de CV can integrate a project of personal, family, and professional life, thereby finding opportunities for growth and development.

  4. In accordance with our philosophy, strategic axes, values, strategic plans, achieve leadership in service, Innovation, consolidate ourselves in our service chain as a company where winning - winning allows us to establish bridges and alliances that facilitate the achievement of internal clients and satisfied outsiders.

  5. Development in trades, in different careers through continuous training.

  6. Offer own company alternatives for our children, nephews, in accordance with family protocol.

  7. Continue taking improvement actions that allow us to differentiate ourselves as an ESG company, Interested and committed to society, sustainability and the environment.

  8. Be open to new digital and technological work systems, which guarantee clear and timely communication and service for all our stakeholders.

  9. Achievement of recognition in various fields, which approve and certify the improvement actions that Industrias Bayardo develops for the well-being and confidence of all our allies.

Our Culture

  1. Maturity, commitment, where the individual is clear that each one of us is the engine of development and fulfillment of goals.

  2. We are aware of the SWOT and development of our company, with the importance of clarity and acceptance and commitment that this represents, with a willingness to face problems as part of the solution and improvement.

  3. Ethics and values ​​in accordance with our work Philosophy.

  4. Management by objectives, guided by goals and measurement indicators.

  5. Quality and service, our client deserves the best of us at all times.

  6. He who is faithful in small things can be faithful in greater challenges.

  7. Communication and construction of agreements.

  8. Improvement in our integral work system, wherever our spinal cord is and takes us to decision-making based on the system and not on their own interests.

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Reunión de equipo

Our Tanlent

  1. Integration of a good work team, with attitude and desire for a better dialogue, to be able to establish agreements that help make the growth and development scheme clear. what is to be achieved.

  2. Search for training in professional activities.

  3. Individual and collective awareness.

  4. Improvement in the organization and control of activities.

  5. Improvement in systems, discipline, technologies and digitization.

  6. Take advantage of the opportunity to hire people by project.

  7. Importance that there is a team that can attend.


  1. The profile of our clients and the SWOT of our service are clear.

  2. Our trajectory has allowed us to correspond to your trust.

  3. As a service chain we have the best allies to be able to have customers satisfied.

  4. We identify our opportunities and threats, there is much to do and improve for the achievement of good communication and reciprocate their friendship.

  5. Find standardization, processes that allow us to be more efficient, reduce service times, being able to adapt to the need to personalize our line, along with other strategies to meet the requirements of current generations.

Our Partners

  1. Bayardo collaborators at all levels.

  2. Goods and service suppliers.

  3. Financial institutions.

  4. Government institutions at their different levels.

  5. Unions, we trust that with the new work culture we can address areas for improvement in the company.

  6. Chambers and other associations that promote our company.

  7. Importance of carrying out social work.

reunión de negocios
Hombre en traje firma


  1. This challenge is because we want and we are convinced, we want to add to the benefit of our planet, our environment, each person, each company with which we interact.

  2. This challenge is greater every day because the circles of influence are growing to be able to consolidate ourselves as an ESR-ESG-RDC company.

  3. CSR company, gives value to the brand, generates opportunities for growth, development, profitability.

  4. It is a challenge for the third generation and the continuity of Industrias Bayardo.

Our Operation and Transformation

  1. Strategic planning.

  2. Work systems - Administrative process.

  3. Standardization.

  4. Discipline and digital development Indicators.

  5. Use of AI.

  6. Maintain at all times our differentiator of personal attention, of a service that contributes to improving trust and friendly relations with each person, each company with which we interact.

  7. Train and make our collaborators aware of the importance of adapting to new work processes.



Unity - Love - Service - Leadership

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