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We are moving towards an economy of 1.7 trillion dollars and a population of 29 million.

We offer models with measures, comfort, quality and design focused on the Texan market.


We had the opportunity to work for more than 3 years as a supplier of a wholesale company in the region, where we attended 400 furniture makers who attended.

We look to reach more than 20 towns around Brownsville, Texas.

Providing high quality furniture wholesale.

It is an strategic place with logistic and storage services to give the best customer service.

Our Traditional line, are the essential furniture of our collection, designed for the needs of our clients

We have an exclusive line for export, with products adapted to the needs of the market, looking fot satisfied customers


Sergio Antonio Bayardo Toledo

Commercial director

Phone. (33)36441143/ (33)36441235

Sergio Alejandro Bayardo Manzano

Office. (33)36441143

Ricardo Moreno


Office: (33)36444162​

Cel. (33)11679499


Julio César Bayardo Toledo

Phone. (98)89519022

Thanks for contact us.

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