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  • At Salas Bayardo we are busy every day improving our product, our service. Within what is established by the technical sheet of our products, we make an effort in our plant, in our supplier, to be able to offer a product with a standard quality that meets your service expectations.

  • We are aware of the risk of having an error , that in transport, warehouses or for any circumstance our upholstered rooms require a service. For this we apologize and tell you that we are working every day to improve since we are committed to you, to your families.

  • All guarantees are seen directly with the distributor with whom you purchased our upholstered room , to offer you a better service we invite you to have your purchase invoice on file.

  • All our guarantees are service guarantees , there are no physical changes.

  • All our supplies correspond to the technical sheets handled by our distributors, and are made with quality raw materials from leading companies in Mexico and the world.

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