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Environmental-environment, Social social, Governance-corporate government

At Industrias Bayardo we are interested in contributing our collaboration to achieve SUSTAINABILITY with those who make up this service chain to achieve economic prosperity where there is a balance between the person, the environment, and society through a corporate government that leads us to live day by day fulfilling our goals, being a CSR-ESG.

Pro Integrity Badge


  • The use and promotion of the 3 Rs (Reduce-reuse-recycle).

  • The wood used comes from suppliers who reforest, who comply with current legislation.

  • Certified suppliers in the automotive industry in their approved CO2 generation.

  • Solar panels, transformers, screw compressors in our main plants.

  • Investment has been made in new vehicles in recent years to reduce gas generation.

  • Tune-ups and use of red gasoline in our vehicles.

  • Campaigns to raise awareness about the use of water, electricity, and improvement in the families of our collaborators.

  • Reforestation campaigns among our collaborators, with our neighbors.

  • Support and team with AFAMJAL-CIMEJAL in reforestation campaigns

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  • Health campaigns additional to those carried out by the IMSS.

  • Agreements with third parties for mental health and addiction support.

  • Collaboration with neighborhood groups.

  • Contribution to social causes of public interest

  • Pro integrity badge.

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NAFIN corporate governance accreditation


  • Training, audit and evaluation by NAFIN on this important topic.

  • Working groups with our associates to together be able to build agreements that allow us to provide excellent service, achieving adequate profitability to meet our business goals established in our strategic plan.

  • Consolidate the income of the third generation so that, with a 10-year vision, we can have improvement plans and medium and long-term investment.

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