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  • Make sure your furniture is not exposed to sunlight ; it is important to cover it if necessary with a sheet.

  • Vinyl or leather-type materials should only be cleaned with a damp cloth , all types of chemicals can affect the life of the material, affecting the warranty of the furniture.

  • It is advisable to vacuum the furniture following the combing of the fabric , removing dust prolongs the life, texture and color of the fabrics.

  • If your furniture gets dirty, it is advisable to wet wash it with soap and water. It is very convenient to first do a test on some small part where removing the stain from the fabric will not affect it.

  • You are making an investment when purchasing your upholstered living room furniture, it is advisable to take care of it by hiring the professional service of a company that professionally cleans your furniture.

  • To make your furniture last longer, please do not pull or carry your furniture by the pillows , avoid sticking it to the wall so that the views are not damaged.

  • The best Teflon process on the market is when the fabric is manufactured with this process. Our recommendation is that you preferably purchase a piece of furniture that has the guarantee of this service.

  • The successful application of Teflon by a professional company depends on the type of fabric and the quality of the process; however, there are risks that must be evaluated with the professional service provider.

  • Remember that it is important that your room is ventilated, fresh, and well lit , if you consider it convenient to have an air freshener to give it greater warmth and comfort.

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