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40 years of experience

Creation, design and manufacturing

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Our history

The company began in 1982, with great effort, dedication and established goals, it has become a company of renown and great recognition over the years.

Bayardo Industries in Mérida

Interview with CP Sergio Antonio Bayardo Toledo

Our Reason for BEING

Corporate Governance Accreditation NAFIN 2024

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Julio César Bayardo Toledo / Sergio Alejandro Bayardo Manzano, along with our entire team, carried out their work to obtain this accreditation.

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Leading company in the manufacture of upholstered rooms

Respecting our commitment to those who make up this productive chain

At Bayardo Industries we are busy making our clients successful, offering excellent service with quality, efficiently manufactured rooms, which allow us to achieve accelerated growth and maintain adequate profitability.



Our satisfied clients

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Permission - sorry - thank you

To our dear Father, Thank you for everything! We love you. Thanks to your example we are striving to follow the footprints that you and my mother have shown us at every moment. Life is a great adventure that must be lived with God and with the three words that should guide our path.

Thank you dad and mom for your example to value life, family, for seeking balance between our spiritual life - personal - marriage - family - friendship - work - fun. Four children, 14 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren and an example to face every moment of life, the highways, the free ones and the terrible cobblestones that we have faced.


Thank you to our friends for every moment they give us in prayer, accompaniment, support, joy, for every moment we have lived in our personal relationship, in our accompaniment in our courtships, marriages, development of our children, difficult moments that together we have faced, because our best times of coexistence are coming. We thank God at every moment for each of you our friends. Julio and Tere walking hand in hand through a life of 54 years of marriage, for many years of friendship we thank them for their ability to work as a team, to be careful with the management of resources, for their comprehensive training in the family , in excellent educational institutions. Thank you for teaching us the value of time, of company, of savings, of foresight, of honesty to be able to meet each and every one of our commitments with our income. Thank you for being a light for us and for so many people with whom you shared, the only thing we have left is to try to replicate this in our families, in our environment.

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IBSA Vision 2022 - 2031


We obtained this information from a family business diploma course with Mr. Pablo Alamo.

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