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All in the Same Boat: Collaboration and the Importance of Investing in Your Development

When a team faces the pressure of a difficult challenge, the most needed quality is collaboration. And for you to be a collaborative player likely requires a change in one of these six areas:Your Perception – See your team members as collaborators, not competitors. Complementing each other is more important than competing against each other.

  1. Your Attitude – Help team members rather than suspecting them. When you trust people, you automatically treat them better. This way, both you and the team members will want to create more collaborative relationships.

  2. Focus – Concentrate on your team, not just yourself. Author Cavett Roberts points out that "progress in any field is a relay race, not a solo event." If you focus on the team and not just yourself, you'll be better able to pass the baton when needed.

  3. Results – Achieve big wins through multiplication. Collaboration has a multiplying effect in everything you do. It not only unleashes and leverages your skills but those of all team members.

  4. Adopt the mindset of being a role model – All team members should adopt this mindset. Know who sets the example because "you don't believe the message if you don't believe the messenger."

  5. Assertive Communication – This is one of the most important skills among team members. It involves an exchange of information, emotions, and meaning among team members. Assertive communication includes oral communication, written communication, non-verbal communication, and learning to listen.

The source of all value in an organization is its people.

Today, guiding people in their personal and professional development is critical in any organization. But beyond your company investing in you, remember that your development is not the company's responsibility. It's YOUR responsibility.

What grows any organization is the generation of VALUE. How do we create more value and make the organization grow? In my experience, the answer lies in becoming people of more VALUE. But how do we become people of more value? The answer lies in investing more in your personal development, in your experiences, capabilities, skills, and through a change in mindset. So, by investing in your personal development, you also generate value for your organization.

On the other hand, did you know that organizations that invest in human skills (such as communication and teamwork) achieve returns of over 300% more than organizations that only invest in technical skills?

What other critical human skills are required in today's world? Here are at least six of the most important ones to consider for your team's development:

  • Leadership skills – Insights from our Executive Leadership Course

  • Critical thinking

  • Collaboration and teamwork

  • Adaptability and flexibility

  • Emotional intelligence and empathy

  • Embracing and celebrating change

Finally, remember that in this changing era, it becomes imperative to invest even more in the development of human skills.

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Wishing you a great week ahead!


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