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All the activities or tasks of a supervisor can be classified into one of these 5 concepts, including order, cleanliness, safety, and hygiene. They are known as the 5 M's for their initials in English:

MEN: People.

MATERIALS: Raw materials.

MACHINERY: Machinery and equipment.

METHODS: Procedures.

MONEY: Budgets and costs.

Here are some easy examples for classification:

  1. Receiving the shift.

  2. Verifying the attending staff.

  3. Distributing assignments.

  4. Understanding the process status.

  5. Ensuring the proper functioning of machinery and equipment.

  6. Inspecting various conditions by touring the area.

  7. Supervising adherence to methods and/or procedures.

  8. Monitoring efficiencies.

  9. Ensuring waste is within target ranges, etc.

Regardless of the criteria used to classify activities, with the 5 M's, you can design a very comprehensive checklist to ensure nothing is overlooked.

Make sure to prioritize MEN. With this "M", you cannot make mistakes. Induction, training, follow-up, motivation, etc., must have well-defined and non-negotiable activities in your daily routine.

"The primary reason for a supervisor is to develop people and their role, while also managing time." The 5 M's will help you remember and memorize all the critical points you need to control. After a few months, you'll master the checklist subconsciously.

Start writing down all the things you need to attend to and classify them accordingly. I'm sure you'll see your work with greater clarity and breadth.

Octavio Sánchez MASI II

The Source, It Works

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